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Board Staff. Can I Become One?

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1Board Staff. Can I Become One? Empty Board Staff. Can I Become One? on Fri 29 Jun 2007, 1:09 pm


The Corrupted One
The Corrupted One
Answer. Yes. Anyone can become one of the Mod staff.
Moderators are basically no different from the other posters here - the only difference is, they have some administrative powers that enable them to move, edit and delete posts,and also have secret forums normal mambers can't see.I look for friendly, helpful, regular posters to become Mods and the positions are usually by invite only. They've usually been here some time, too. That's it. No special formula. Just enjoying the game and enjoying the board is usually good enough. No, you don't have to reply to every post, and no, your post count doesn't matter, either, though if you have a real high rank I would more easaliy consider it. Occasionally, we may advertise for staff; news of applications etc. will be posted in this section.

But the real secret? Don't ask. If you want to be a Mod, stop trying to be one! Relax, have fun, be friendly and I will notice you.

-KHS Admin

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