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Multiple theories in one thread

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1 Multiple theories in one thread on Sat 31 Oct 2009, 9:22 pm

Alright this is simliar to Daxma's theory but a bit different. I'm going to use poem at the end of RE:COM. Aqua helped me think this theory up along with Daxma's idea of Even being involved. This has explanations for other things too.

First I'll explain it in simple form. Even has an interest in hearts; correct?
What I'm thinking is that Repliku wasn't the first of his creations. I'm thinking that Even possibly wanted to make a keyblade wielder of the 2 main elements. Darkness and light.

So he created Ven and Dark soldier. Before you say anything it does have some partial proof. Xion was a creation as well correct? She was absorbed by Roxas which was gave him the dual wielding ability. I'm thinking that creations of life can be absorbed by humans when they're at their weakest.
So Repliku being a Riku copy could also become a keyblade hero if he'd turned to both. Riku may have absorbed Repliku giving him the ability to wield two soul-eaters= 2 possible keyblades.

Anyway after DS may have turned against Master Xehanort. MX could've had him at his weak point like Xion so MX absorbed DS and that's how XH has both clothes and a guardian heartless. This also explains the non-canon MX splitting himself because the battle may take place towards the end.

Ven however was weakened by Aqua erasing but her being troubled by her lover asking her to erase him didn't erase him completely and kids being kids Sora comes by accidently absorbing him.

Even creating DS also shows how Repliku came to have the armor but it wasn't complete. Ven's keyblade wasn't complete because he isn't real

That's about it and I bet one of the theory people are going to say this is just a bunch of crap put together because that's what this. It's just what I think.

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2 Re: Multiple theories in one thread on Thu 27 May 2010, 5:18 pm


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wow thats alot of info

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