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Rules of Kingdom Hearts Sanctuary! --READ BEFORE POSTING!--

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The Shattered Siren
The Shattered Siren
Welcome to Kingdom Hearts Heaven!

Please Note: Not all rules are the same in each forum!
I ask that all members of this forum follow all the rules posted below at all times. If there are any rules broken multible times, you will be banned ( and the first time depending on the rule broken )
so please respect the following rules...


We've had a bit of a problem with this one... So people remember the basics! We don't want to have to run around and check everything every ten minutes. So please make sure:
1. The thread is in the right place
2. You're replies are at least some-what on-topic! (there is somewhat leeway in this forum but don't be ridiculous.)

This rule is important. If I find certain members constantly starting up nonsense threads, and going off topic too much YOU WILL BE BANNED! There is no exception.

No Spoilers

This just means when you make a new topic or post to state that your giving away spoilers.This way people that are still playing the game don't have it ruined for them.If you made a topic that ends up having spoilers in it, put beside your topic name (SPOILERS) so people can take your warning sign.

No flaming/Spamming

If you have a problem with another poster and you can not handle it without insulting that person then hold your tongue and walk away. If they are causing a problem in a thread do not continue to spam the thread by flaming that person, notify an Administrator or Moderator and let them handle it. Anyone caught posting insulting remarks about a personís religion, race, sex, political preference, sexual preference, or nationality will result in immediate banning.
Also anyone who comes on these boards to ďtrollĒ on them will be immediately and permanently banned.

What is spaming you ask? Well, here spaming are any posts that are irrelevant and pointless to the topic in a thread. ďDooD Iíve been up all nite!Ē as a thread will be considered as spam and will be closed faster than you can say Orginization XIII. Please donít do it. Itís not funny, itís not amusing and it is not post worthy. Continuous spamming will result in banning.

No Illegal Content/Advertising

This includes no warez / cracks / serial numbers / illegal software / or abusive programs like mail bombers or viruses. Also this includes links to downloads of copyrighted music. Do not share links to P2P sites or distribute ripped music on the boards. If you do that with another member privately that is your business but please keep it off the forums. Illegal content also includes links to any racist, sexist, prejudiced, or any offensive materials.Also,this means NO links to other forums unless im asked first to tell you that its ok. Continuous violation of this will result in banning.

No Pornagraphy/Nudity

This is self explanatory. No links to any porno sites. Also no explicit nudity in sigs and avatars. If there is artwork or fan fic that contains mature material please indicate this in your subject line and in the post itself. If you are unsure if your work is appropriate run it by a moderator or administrator for approval.

Free Speech

This is a community, and you have freedom of speech, but as a community, that freedom is restricted if you're intending to use it for offending purposes, or to simple belittle your fellow members. Remember, your freedom ends where the other person's freedom starts. For example, saying something is "gay" or "jappy" or "stinks of wops" just won't fly here. IF YOU KNOW IT IS OFFENSIVE, DO NOT SUBMIT IT. It'll save you a warning from the mods and possible flamefest from the members (and occassional mod).

Sig/Avatar Restrictions

Remote linking to avatars will be allowed. Maximum size for avatars are now 100x100 pixels (LJ size).

I will permit remote-linked signatures, but only if they do not exceed 580x200 pixels. This also includes any text written either side of the signature.

Multiple Images in Signature
The forum guideline states that your signature's image can go up to 580x200 pixels. This does not mean you can have 2 images at 580x100 pixels. You can have multiple images as long as all of them accumulate up to 580x200 pixels, but we would prefer if you have only one big image in your sig rather than a lot of smaller ones.

Text-Only Signature
If you decide to have only texts in your signature, make sure it doesn't exceed 7 lines. We've seen some users have 10 lines of text in their signatures and that is not acceptable. You can try trading in smaller fonts for more lines of texts but make sure the overall height in your signature doesn't exceed the height of 7 lines of text.

Image and Text in Signature
If you have a 580x100 image in your signature, you can attach 2 more lines of text in your signature. Again, you can trade in smaler fonts for more lines of texts.

Decorative Images
Referring to the little images such as those "hatched eggs" images, please keep them as minimal as you can. If you have 580x200 image, two lines of text, then three more of these decorative images, then there's too much going on in your signature. Remove them or remove other components in your signature such as the texts so we don't have to send you a warning PM.

Please adhere to these restrictions. If you display a sig that is larger that the set size limitations you will be politely warned by an administrator or moderator to reduce your signature size. You are given 3 warnings, after that your sig will be removed by the staff. If you still didnít get it and you continue to ignore the size restriction you will be banned.

Be sure to follow these simple rules so our job will be easier and, most importantly, all members can have a comfortable posting experience.

-KHS Admin

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